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Kendra McCord

Name: Kendra McCord
Photo - Kendra McCord
Location: Maysville
United States 41056
Contact: Home phone: (606) 407-0530
My Cell: (606) 407-0230

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Additional Info: My name is Kendra McCord I'm 22 years old and I live in Maysville Kentucky but I'm originally from a small town called Tollesboro Kentucky, and I was born and raised in the suburbs. I currently live with my dad right now and I am officially employed at the local Walmart here in town. To start off with, I've been in love with acting since I was 14. It was so different from anything that I had ever took interest in before, and I knew from the moment I decided to join drama club that it would be the perfect solution to take me outside of my comfort zone, and it did. I've been in three plays and two of them was from the high school that I graduated from and the other one was from my previous high school. The first play I was in from the previous school was called " No No No A MIllion Times No"; only a farmers daughter. And the other two plays I was in were from my other current school called "Annie Get Your Gun" and my favorite one of all 3 of them " Phantom Of The Opera". Now in all of these plays I was just in the background, I didn't have any major roles or supporting roles for that matter but I still loved being apart of all of it. I was a cowgirl backup dancer in the first one and in the other two I was just in the backdrop of it all. I will say without a doubt I do have EXTREME stage fright but once I'm in the moment of either singing, acting, dancing or whatever it might be, I get so caught up in the moment of it that I don't even pay attention to it. I DO NOT have any kind or real experience at all involving acting or modeling. What I do have is passion, confidence, determination, and all of the above. I love challenges and working myself into the ground to reach my goals. I've never had anything handed to me I've always had to work for what I wanted and still do to this day. I want this MORE than anything as a career. I also wanna be a model! I just recently about a year ago decided to get into this as well. A lot of friends and family say that it would be a remarkable opportunity for me considering I'm not afraid to show different sides of my personality through my outfits, poses, expressions, and emotions through the other side of the lens. Creative and uniqueness is how people would describe me. I'm NOT afraid to just be myself and acting and modeling is a way to give me that flexibility to just express who I am from both sides of my personality. It makes me WHO I AM! I'M VERY PROUD TO SAY THAT!
Age: 22
Skills: Acting, Dancing, Singing, Modelling
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Black
Build: Slim
Height: Medium
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Additional Skills: Singing
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